Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wallaby's Great Barbecue

Wallaby's is a great addition to the Utah barbecue scene.  Strategically located near a busy intersection in Lindon, Wallaby's is easily noticed from State Street and just as easily accessible. The inside offers many Australian items such as Australian yield signs and several other items.  The wood pile to the right is not just for decor but also informs the customer that this is a smokehouse and all their meat is smoked (which really makes for a good meal).

Ever since Wallaby's came out with their lunch menu, the lunch crew has frequented this location.  It is a favorite of ours.  Even though they recently changed their lunch menu from meat and side for $5.99 to meat and two sides for $6.99, this is still an excellent price for barbecue.  This time I went with my personal favorite -- the pulled pork with a side of smashers.  For the extra side I gave the fresh veggies a try.  Each meal also comes with two slices of their home made bread (which is really good bread).  The pulled pork is tender and not only has a great flavor, but also goes very well with their raspberry barbecue sauce.  The smashers consist of mashed potatoes with cheese worked into them.  Also very good.  Be ye warned, though, they come with a lot on the plate.  A senior Asian couple ordered the smashers and when they brought the plate out their eyes went as wide as saucers and led to them calling the waitress back thinking there was some mistake because they had only ordered one side of smashers and not two; but that's how they come.

The fresh veggies came with broccoli, onions, carrot strips, and zucchini.  There was only a slight buttering to the veggies, and they were well steamed and had a great taste to them.  I will consider ordering these next time as well.  Their baked beans are also good with bacon added to them; they are also something I've substituted for the smashers occasionally.

If it's good barbecue you're looking for and want to try something different and new, Wallaby's is a great place to go for a good price.

Big John Rating and Cost
Cost = $6.99 without tax (includes meat and two sides)
Quality = 9
Taste = 9
Ambiance = 9
Service = 8
Price Rating = 9.7
Big John Rating = 9.0

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