Friday, December 3, 2010

Chuck-A-Rama: Great Dutch Oven Cooking

Yes, Chuck-a-Rama has some great dutch oven cooking.  I always thought of Chuck-A-Rama as a great place to go to every once in a while, but not something special until they started cooking with dutch ovens.  My personal favorite is the Roast Kettle Turkey (shown in the second picture).  For that one, they cook good size chunks of potatoes and carrots with a turkey roast until the roast is very tender and well cooked.  This is the single reason why I keep looking forward to return visits.  Not only is the turkey roast well tenderized and very tasty, but the potatoes and carrots act as a great compliment for it.  But that's just one of the items they offer in a dutch oven; they also offer Au Gratin potatoes, spicy sausage, chicken, sloppy joe mix, and corn bread.  I'm a picky corn bread eater, but this is one I like.  Perhaps a large part of it is because of the honey butter (they have original and a cinnamon flavor), but I think the main reason is because it isn't too dry but it's still crumbly.  It also has some good flavor and taste.

In addition to great dutch oven cooking, it also offers other buffet favorites such as stuffing, pizza, salad bar, fruit bar, fried rice, and several other entrées and sides.  And, of course, who can forget the dessert bar.  As mentioned before, I always like a good carrot cake and the carrot cake here is fairly good.  But it also offers several other cakes, pies, and even sugar free cookies that actually taste very good.

Chuck-A-Rama is a place that offers a wide variety of food at a great lunch price.  Whenever I leave I always feel like I've had a wide variety and definitely had my money's worth.

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