Monday, December 13, 2010

Delta Doesn't Need to Freeze for Good Food

Delta Freeze in my opinion is the best eating establishment there is in Delta.  Located right near the entrance of Delta from Highway 6, this place is situated in such a way that no other place needs to be passed up to get here.  From the outside it looks small because the upper floor consists of the loft (which is a steak shop) and the bottom floor contains Delta Freeze but it is big enough to get the job done.  This classic malt shop offers a variety of items on the menu including two different seafood entrees (one herring and the other cod) plus a buffalo burger and sometimes even Ostrich.  In addition they also serve shakes.

Today I went with the 1/4 pound Delta Deluxe which included a 1/4 burger, ham, swiss cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and sauce all on a toasted bun.  I am a firm believer that mushroom belongs on a pizza not on a burger; I do not like the texture of the mushroom on my burger.  However, I always get the artist's creation the first time just in case I'm pleasantly surprised (which does happen).  This time, I wasn't.  Picking out the mushrooms, though, this was a great burger!  The swiss cheese was folded into the ham and melted nicely inside of it.  Swiss does have its proper place on a burger especially if the surrounding taste an hold its own against the strong taste of swiss.  This burger does just that.  Every bit had different flavor combinations and was enjoyable to the last crumb.

Because I ordered the 1/4 pound burger, I also received an order of small fries.  I wish I had a larger size.  The fries were crinkle style -- a style that you normally don't get up where I'm from.  They also came with different seasonings on top of them and were chewy.  I normally don't get a fry this springy and chewy so this was a delightful find.  My advice is to keep these all to yourself; don't share them with anyone unless you get the large size and even then share responsibly.

Overall, I've enjoyed every single trip I've ever made to Delta Freeze and look forward to the next.  Don't pass this place by if you're heading along Highway 6 because the stop will definitely be something worth remembering.

Big John Rating and Cost
Cost = $5.55 without tax (includes 1/4 Delta Deluxe and a small order of fries)
Quality = 9
Taste = 8
Service = 8
Ambiance = 9
Price Rating = 9.1
Big John Rating = 8.5

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