Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything on Great Steak

What was the name of that place?  Was it The Great Steak or Steak & Everything Grill?  It's very confusing because the outside and receipt says "The Great Steak" but the menu says "Steak & Everything Grill".  Hmm.  Google Maps and Facebook call it "Steak & Everything Grill" so that's what I'll refer to it as.

Approaching from the outside this looks exactly like the kind of place I like to visit -- just a little Ma & Pa's type place.  Inside it has a very old feel to it with the old school Coca-Cola advertising and other items decorating the walls that could have come from an old log cabin or malt shop.  The dinning area is small -- perfect for a Ma and Pa's and has maybe 3 tables and 7 booths.

Pulling all three tables next to each other, the lunch crew took to looking over the "Steak & Everything Grill" menu.  With a wide variety of items to choose from, the question on what to eat was apparently very tough.  One guy in our lunch crew barely made his entrée choice but when it came to dessert he couldn't take the pressure and told the waitress, "Surprise me".  Which she did by coming up with her own milk shake recipe, and he enjoyed it.

When it came to my turn I did what seemed right at the time and went with the first item on the menu -- the Steak and Everything combo.  This Philly Cheese steak comes with rib-eye, grilled bell peppers and onions, tomatoes, and provolone all on a sourdough bun.  When they first brought it out my thought was "Where's the beef?!?"  I don't think I've seen a Philly that was more bun than topping (take a look at my Chubby's Cafe posting to see what I'm talking about).  It had a pretty good taste to it (there was a lot of flavoring to it and the grilled veggies pulled their own weight) and resembled something I would get at the Italian Place.  Overall it was a good sandwich, it just needs a bit more to it to go along with the bun.  The fries that came with the combo were crisp and the fry sauce was an excellent compliment to the fry.  Theirs is a fry sauce I would recommend and will want again.

Overall we had a very good experience and the lunch crew looks forward to coming back here again sometime.

Cost and Big John Rating
Cost = $6.99 without tax (came with the Steak and Everything, small fries, and a drink)
Quality = 6
Taste = 6
Ambiance = 9
Service = 9
Price Rating = 6.4
Big John Rating = 7.5

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