Sunday, December 12, 2010

China Isle Very Good Chinese

This is one of my personal favorite Chinese places.  Not only do the plates come out with lots of food, but it comes at a very reasonable price.  First of all, the lunch menu takes up a full page.  For $5.55 at lunch your meal comes with an egg roll, soup (either egg drop or hot and sour), rice (default is ham fried but you can ask for steam or for a $1.00 extra it comes with Lo Mein Noodles), fried wonton, and, for a $1.50 extra, a fried shrimp.  Although the fried shrimp is a big shrimp, it's still one shrimp; not worth it in my opinion.

Usually I order the orange chicken which is some of my favorite.  The orange chicken has some spiciness to it and the breaded chicken is well cooked and tastes great.  The lemon chicken is good as well -- the lemon isn't too strong but still has the great lemon flavor and the sesame chicken is my friend's personal favorite.  He typically craves that weekly.

For the price combined with the taste, China Isle is a great place to come for lunch.  Not only does it come with a variety of food, but it is all very good as well.

Big John Rating
Quality = 7
Ambiance = 8
Service = 8
Lunch Price Rating = 8.9
Big John Rating = 8.2

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