Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Red Attic Deli

I nearly passed it by.  I knew it was around here because a friend had been there before, but I nearly passed it by because the door says something about a dance studio.  The sign for Red Deli is above the dance studio and there is a sign above the second story window saying "Red Deli", but if you're looking for a sign at eye-level you will never find it.  Entering the front door, turning to the right and going up the stairs you come right to the counter where the cashier awaits to take the order.  The place looks like an unfinished apartment and the dining area consists of four tables awaiting for people to come.  The location is fairly new; there were people in one of the former bedrooms measuring things, looking things over, and walking in and out multiple times.  The location still has yet to get a soda fountain -- currently they have an upright glass door cooler filled with IBC root beer of differing varieties such as regular, diet, cream soda, and blackberry.

Being a Philly fan, I ordered their Philly Steak Supreme combo with a medium fry and an IBC Root Beer.  The order came out fairly quickly which I appreciated.  I wouldn't call the sandwich, though, a Philly Cheese steak, it was more of a rib-eye sub.  For toppings it came with mayo, tomato, lettuce, olives, and banana peppers.  The meat contained two slices of rib-eye with provolone melted in the middle (which I thought was a great touch).  This allowed the cheese to be noticeable but not overcome the taste of the tender rib-eye.  The freshly made bread was rather soft and the outside had a harder crust to it that I thought really went well with the sub.  For a sub the overall presentation was great, but for someone wanting a Philly it was a disappointment.  Next time I will go with a different selection mostly because of my expectations of a Philly.  The fries were really good although there weren't as many as I'd expect in a medium, but they had a great taste to them.  The outside was cooked to a crisp but the inside was still tender mostly because of their size.

Overall, I probably won't go here again and not because of the taste (I thought the taste was great) but because of the distance from where I work to get there, the lack of a soda fountain, and the price.  I couldn't finish my entire sandwich not because I was full but because I didn't have anything else to wash it down with.  Free refills really do come in handy and have saved a possibly difficult sandwich many a time.  As a workaround for this issue, though, they do offer free delivery for some of Provo.  If I were in the free delivery range and wanted a sub but didn't feel like driving anywhere, I would probably give them a ring.  While we were there, only one other group showed up and yet they were busy the entire time simply because of their phone orders.  But price is also something to take into consideration.  With the sub itself being $8.75 for a 12 inch, I wouldn't pass up cheaper establishments for this one.

Cost and Big John Rating
Cost = $8.75 - 12" sub, $2.50 - medium fries and IBC Root Beer without tax.
Quality = 8
Taste = 6 (it's the expectation of a Philly that kills this)
Ambiance = 5
Service = 8
Price Rating = 7.3
Big John Rating = 6.7

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Red Deli's Menu
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  1. Hey Big John!

    Thanks for taking the time to offer a review of our shop. Super cool of you to do that. Can't wait to have a shop nearer to you... free delivery.

    We've updated the shop a little since you came, and we noticed that our phone number was listed incorrectly: 801-375-2667. And we wanted a chance to spin our website: and fans can follow us on facebook: Reddeliofprovo.

    Thanks again.