Saturday, December 4, 2010

In-N-Out: It's Just a Burger

When In-N-Out came to Utah, one would have thought from the Californians that Zeus had finally come down from Mount Olympus and graced the world with the best burgers ever given to humans a feat that can only be matched by the gods giving us fire.  While most of Utah County circled the blocks waiting for their little slice of heaven, I waited expecting this to be too similar to Chadders for their own good.  And I wasn't wrong.  The first time I went to In-N-Out was almost my last.  The burgers were just a burger and the fries tasted like cardboard.  I know they make their fries fresh -- you can watch them slice up their potatoes just before putting them in the fryer.  I've never seen anyone mess up on freshly made fries -- but they have mastered that art.

Like I said, I almost didn't go back until someone pointed out their hidden menu.  My personal favorite is the animal style burger and fries.  Animal style involves a mustard cooked hamburger with additional pickle, cheese, spread, and grilled onions diced up and mixed together on the grill before placed on the burger. With the fries, they take cheddar cheese, the grilled onions and the spread, cook it a little longer to melt the cheese, then serve it with a fork.  Animal style makes the fries palatable and sets the burgers apart from other burger joints.

Since I found out about the hidden menu I have been back several times.  I still don't completely understand the hype, but I do like the food and recommend it to others who are in the area looking for a burger.  I wouldn't pass up a Wendy's or a Burger King, though, to get here; the burgers are just as good and you don't have to pay for extra toppings on your fries to get something you'll like.

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