Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jim's Family Cooking

Jim's is a place that the lunch crew likes to go to every once in a while.  We like it not only because of its nice interior, but also because of how close it is to work.  The interior is rather homely and sports an outdoorsy decor.  The center of the room features a fireplace and wood posts line up every so often perhaps more for looks than to actually hold up the ceiling.  This is the kind of restaurant one would expect to find in a small town and offers a nice escape from the everyday big city feel.

Usually the lunch crew ends up getting something different every time, and this time I decided to go with Jim's Special which consists of two choices of meat, potatoes covered with American and Cheddar cheese, three eggs, and a choice of pancakes, toast, or for $0.89 extra biscuits and gravy. Because I went later than usual (about 2:30pm) the meal came out very quickly and went down about as quick.  The over easy eggs were cooked as I like them and the meat was excellent.  Some of the potatoes, though, were a little undercooked but the cheese was nicely melted on top of them.  I liked the cut style; you wouldn't want the eggs and ham on top of hash browns.  As it is, though, the cut is very nice and offers a great balance to the rest of the items.

The biscuit, though, I have mixed feelings about.  The gravy was excellent; I thought it was some of the best I've had on a biscuit.  The biscuit itself, though, was rather heavy and dense not light and flaky like I was expecting.  I wasn't too disappointed with that, though, because I thought it went well with the gravy.  However, next time I won't pay the extra amount for it.

All in all I've enjoyed every meal I've every had from Jim's.  I highly recommend it -- especially if you want a small town meal.

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