Monday, February 28, 2011

CheeZSteak: We Put the Z in Cheez Whiz

PhotobucketAfter seeing my friend's sandwich and reading his blog post (shown here), I decided I have to give it a try.  And I wasn't disappointed.  Located in a high-turnover area (this is the third or fourth business I've seen at this exact location in the past few years), this small Cheese steak shop looks to stay here the longest.  Not only do they sell a mean Cheese steak, but it is also fairly well priced.

I am a Philly purist.  I'm not one who likes a lot of toppings on my Philly; all I'm looking for is just the basics of a Philly and this provides that.  For those who aren't a purist, it does offer other toppings as well (such as banana peppers, green peppers, etc).  It does cost $1.50 extra for three toppings on a foot long, but if you like extra toppings they do provide that.  They also offer different kinds of cheeses such as Provolone and American cheese.

PhotobucketAs I mentioned, I just like a simple Philly.  For my Philly, I ordered the Cheese Whiz Philly.  to prepare it, they grill up rib eye steak, add in some onions, grill them together until well cooked, take a bun, put the cheese whiz on the bun, add in the steak and onions, then finish it off with extra cheese whiz on top.  Man, that's good!  I'm not a person who likes a dry sandwich which could happen to a Philly if not careful; however, the cheese whiz makes the sandwich very moist and very good.  The meat is tender and well grilled; the onions are big enough to make themselves known but aren't in the way.  I really like the combination presented as I worked my way through the sandwich.  The bun as well is very soft and doesn't get in the way of the sandwich's meat.  I've had three of these sandwiches this past week alone.  Even though this is a rather big sandwich, I always feel like it wasn't enough.  It's just that good.

The fries, on the other hand, are a different story.  They were rather soggy and didn't taste that good.  But if you don't want fries they also sell chips as well.

I am very excited to see a great Philly Cheese steak shop next to where I work.  I believe I have a new favorite hang out spot, one I hope to frequent often.

Cost and Big John Review
$8.49 = Philly Cheese steak (with cheese whiz and no tax)
$2.69 = Fries and a drink combo (without tax)
The rest are for the Cheese Whiz Philly only:
Quality = 9
Taste = 9
Ambiance = 8
Service = 8
Price Rating = 8.5
Big John Rating = 8.4

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