Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did you say Siegfried?

I really enjoyed the carrot cake and the Wienerschnitzel at Siegfried's Deli.  The employees were a bit brisk, but helpful.  Not only is the food worth going back for, but the imported goods store is a great boon as well.

PhotobucketA friend of mine and I decided it was time to give Siegfried's Deli a try.  I went up for the food; he went because he's a fan of Get Smart and had to eat here just for the name's sake.

Upon arriving I was surprised to see an imported goods store as well.  They don't just sell cooked German food, but also imported chocolate, cookies, and several other things.  The place to order and the deli counter is but a small corner of the entire place; the rest is made up of tables and shelves.

PhotobucketI've always wanted to try Wienerschnitzel, and here was my chance.   My mouth watered as they put the Wienerschnitzel in the frier; it looked very good.  However, I wasn't too impressed with the sides. I decided to go with the Hot Potato salad (since many users on Urbanspoon enjoyed it) and Spaetzle; for dessert I ordered a slice of carrot cake.  The Wienerschnitzel was as good as I thought it would be with some lemon juice on top of it.  The Spaetzle and Hot Potato Salad were a little tough to swallow.  The Spaetzle looks like spaghetti with gravy and tasted about the same whereas the Hot Potato Salad  was a bit bitter and not what I was expecting.  However, the carrot cake was very good.  Granted, it's more of a European design than an American, but I enjoyed it.  And my friend really liked his German Chocolate cake (that was the only thing he completely ate).

All in all I was very pleased to find this location.  This is definitely something on my places to visit in downtown Salt Lake.  After finishing the meal, I purchased a few other chocolate items and brought them to my parents who lived in Germany and Austria for 11/2 - 2 years.  Both are eager to try this little slice of Germany once they have a chance.

Cost and Big John Rating
$8.49 = Wienerschnitzel and two sides
Service = 8
Quality = 8
Taste = 7
Ambiance = 8
Price Rating = 8.5
Big John Rating = 7.8

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